You Are What You Think

UnknownEvery year, millions of young graduates go out into the world and try to make a life for themselves. Many of my students come to me for life advice right around this time. They have never seen me struggle (and man did I struggle in my twenties), and they want sound advice on how to succeed professionally in this tough world of ours.

My advice from year to year has evolved and changed, but the past few years I have found myself giving the same firm answer:

You are what you think.

There you have it. That’s it.

Now, I’m not talking about the BS that some people buy into regarding wishing something to happen and it appears. It’s not about praying every day for something to happen (although that may be part of it) or “willing” events to happen.

My advice is based on the premise that your beliefs shape who you are, your circumstances, and what you become. Whatever you choose to feed your mind with (your windshield) is what your life will eventually become.

Again, I am not saying that your mind controls matter and that a simple thought can change the world; there are enough people throwing that crap out there for us to consume. I am all about hard work and effort, and that starts with our mindset.

I believe:

-We are all eager to improve our circumstances, but we are often not motivated to improve ourselves. Those of us who choose to not act on improving our weak points will find that we will be forever stuck in our own life.

-Those of us who commit to changing our mindsets will find that the material conditions in our life will change dramatically. This can result in resolving to get out of debt by living a frugal lifestyle or adopting a healthy lifestyle after years of being sedentary. Our thoughts can turn into habits, which then turn into better circumstances.

-All of our achievements and all of our failures are a direct result of our thoughts. Positive thinking raises us (and others) up; negative thinking does the opposite.

-Our thoughts are the nucleus of action. Action doesn’t occur without the seed of thought.

-Our thoughts become our vision. Our vision becomes our reality. If you envision being out of debt, having a great job, being healthy, and having a good relationship, you are likely to create habits that help you beocme that way.

In his book Beyond Wealth, Alexander Green states,

“Our circumstances don’t make you… they reveal you. While you cannot always command your situation, you can always command yourself.”

So true.

Our life is constantly enhanced and slowly perfected by inward development. Continue to hold dear to your visions and ideals, and your life will take shape accordingly.

Good luck, graduates.

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