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The Learning is in the Doing

We learn by doing a lot more than we learn by reading.

When I was a student in Music Conservatory, I read every possible thing I could about trombone playing.  I wanted to make sure I had all the head knowledge possible before I embarked on …

Guest Post: A Beginner’s Guide to a Minimalist Home

I had a guest post published today that I think you will find interesting.

On Reach Financial Independence: I wrote a post called A Beginner’s Guide to a Minimalist Home.  If you like it please share on your favorite social media site!

Pauline …

How to Go From Couch to 5k in One Month

A few months ago I started running for the first time in my life. Running never seemed very “sexy” to me; I didn’t find it to be a fun hobby.  That said, I took the plunge one day and just started.  I came home absolutely heaving after running maybe …

How to Overhaul Your Life in One Month: A Case Study

This is a guest post by Kate Anthony, a Co-Active Life Coach at Diamond in the Rough.

Overhaul Your Life
My verdict  is that it is  possible to overhaul your life. Every year at Christmas, my cousin, Tony, and his family come to Los Angeles to see …

The Importance of Making Time for Friends

Yesterday I spent the day with two close friends; one new friend and one “old” friend.  What an awesome day it was! The day ended (as it always does) with us all saying “we should do this way more often”. I have always maintained a few really close friendships, and several great acquaintances.  When I […]