14 Things to Do Besides Watch TV

We are a nation of television watchers.

A common evening routine for most people is to come home, eat, sit in front of the TV, then go to sleep.  It’s physically and mentally unhealthy.  It’s passive, not thought-provoking, and antisocial. Studies have shown that our brains work less while watching TV, so we become programmed to think and act as we see right there on our screen. In addition, we are subjected to countless commercials that try to coax us into spending our money and eating till we are more potato than innocent consumer. Therefore, I urge you to consider getting up off that couch and instead plunge back into life.

I’m in Vermont with my family at our cabin in the woods this weekend with no television in sight.  Below are some things we do (and that you can do) instead of watching television:

1 – Talk to someone. Some face time with your spouse, kids, relatives, or friends can be a wonderful thing.  There is nothing like a great discussion to connect (or reconnect) on a deep level.

2 – Read. Magazines, newspaper, books, or blogs.  It’s all time very well spent.

3 – Go for a walk. It’s healthy, and is incredible for alone time or time with someone else.

4 – Work on a hobby. One hour a day at a hobby can add up to a great hobby!  It can also lead you toward mastery at something that could eventually turn into a side hustle.

5 – Declutter (or simply clean). Your house, your garage, your computer desktop.  Tidy up, or declutter.

6 – Play with your kids. I don’t do this enough, and it is probably the best way to spend your time.

7 – Learn something. Work toward an advanced degree, attend a webinar, read a book.  Learn something.

8 – Write. Start a blog.  Outline a novel.  Write a short story.  Write emails.  Journal.

9 – Do some landscaping. If it is light outside, beautify your property.

10 – Cook.  Plan the meals for the week and get ahead of the game, or bake some great dessert.

11 – Workout. At home or at a gym. Go swimming, running, biking, or play tennis. Practice your golf swing in the living room.

12 – Go see the symphony or opera.  I’m a classical musician.  Come on…

13 – Join a club.  Ballroom dancing, computer, chess, book club, etc.

14 – Start a business. Create an at-home side hustle or partner up with someone.  Go for it!

These 14 ideas are only the tip of the iceberg of course.  There are hundreds of meaningful things we all can do instead of passively watching TV. I have developed myself professionally and as a person in lieu of TV time.  Once you begin to do things other than watch television,you will find yourself achieving wonderful things.

Please add activities you engage in instead of watching TV in the comments section!

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