Why Everyone Needs a Side Hustle

Before I begin my daily rant, I would like to proudly announce that the YODTO App is now available free in the app store!  You can download the app and follow the posts on your smartphone.  I know it may seem silly to have an app, but I am actually more proud of the fact that I learned how to create and distribute it!  It was a very fun process;  I highly recommend learning how to do something like this.  I will post about how I did it soon…

“Side Hustles” come in many shapes and forms. I have had a side job for all of my working life; sometimes I acquired the job just to survive, other times simply to make more money. Either way, everyone can benefit from (and I would argue needs) a side hustle in their life in order to:

  1. Achieve financial independence and reach savings goals
  2. Pay off debt
  3. Grow skills that could possibly turn into careers

I have always taught trombone lessons privately. I am very lucky that if I am ever in need of more money, I can go out and recruit some more students and increase my monthly income. That, in itself, is a side hustle. It’s a good one, too; I love teaching trombone so it is not a grind in the least bit. In the past, my side hustles have been more “grunt-like” and have included:

  • Driving a cab
  • Working as a bartender
  • Selling other people’s stuff on eBay (I still highly recommend this!)
  • Substitute teaching
  • Gigging (on trombone…yes, this is a rough side hustle especially if the gig sucks)

As much of a drag as some of those jobs were, they eventually allowed me to do things like:

  • Afford a nicer apartment, especially when I was just getting started professionally
  • Save money for needed purchases after college (car, trombone, etc.)
  • Eventually have leverage to buy a home when the economy tanked

My criteria for side hustles has changed quite a bit. I used to do anything I could in order to increase my income. Now, I have the luxury of making sure my side work:

  • aligns with my values and is related to my current work
  • stretches my skill sets
  • allows me to continue to be creative

For example, I would call this blog a side hustle right now. It is definitely work (albeit really fun work) but it is aligned to my values (I get to write about what I am passionate about), stretches my skills (technological and writing) and will probably make money someday (a book??…hmmmm…).

At this point, many of you are saying “I don’t have time for another job!”. I will write an extended post about time management very soon, but for now let’s just say…..I disagree.

What kind of side hustles have you had? What were the benefits you found?

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