The 3 Hour TV Challenge

If I wrote this post in the Spring, this would be a complete turn off the tv challenge.  I am, however, a ridiculously huge Denver Broncos fan who never misses a game.  Therefore, I am allowing myself 3 hours of TV watching per week for the length of the football season.

People watch too much TV.  Period.  It is actually pretty damn scary.

From what I understand, there are some good shows out there once in a while.  If I began watching one, I am fully aware that I might get hooked big time.  I get this.  However, there is not one tv show that is going to leave me a better person for having watched it for a season (24+ hours?).  No show.  No freaking way.

The most incredible thing about TV, when you really think about it, is that we are passively watching other human beings actually succeeding and doing things with their lives when we could be training ourselves to do the same things instead!!!

So here is my challenge to you all:  Only allow yourself to watch TV for 3 hours a week for the next 2 weeks.  After you figure out how many less hours you will be watching than you do now, take that time and do one of a few things:

  1. Read a non-fiction book, preferably a self-help or how-to.
  2. Write in a journal, or create a blog.
  3. Spend time on an old or new hobby.  If you are a musician, practice!  If you are an artist, create!
  4. Exercise, do yoga, meditate.
  5. Learn a new skill through a webinar on the internet (hey, that is watching a screen!  Just not passively…).
  6. You tell me……

Don’t worry, if you really must get back to that TV after 2 weeks you can.  You can find out who won Dancing With the Stars or follow that cooking show you love (maybe by that time you will be cooking yourself and creating a video blog about it!).  In the meantime, DVR all those shows so you can get back to watching them later, but I bet you won’t want to ….

How much TV do you watch per week right now?  If you are an internet junkie, how much time do you spend online posting nonsense on Facebook?  Add it up, and post here!

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