Still Incredible After 200 Years

I had the great pleasure of starting a monthly piano recital in the school district where I supervise.  You see, there is no place for a pianist in a school music program with bands and orchestras; it’s primarily a solo and chamber music instrument.  In the high school alone, a dozen kids came out of the woodwork and performed incredible pieces by Chopin, Liszt, and Mozart.  Centuries later, this music is still enjoyed and performed by our young people.  There is still hope!

I sat there with 30 audience members, closing my eyes and simply enjoying the music filled room.  I thought to myself:

“What would happen if everyone in the world listened to music like this on a regular basis?”

Classical music is magical that way; it puts you completely in the moment, as long as your sole purpose is to listen to it with intent (as opposed to while you are doing the dishes, making it a sort of “musical wallpaper”).

Below is a video of “La Campanella” by Franz Liszt, one of the greatest pieces for solo piano ever written in my opinion.

I know this blog has been about money, saving, and simplifying.  Well, when you sit down with no other goal than to enjoy some music, life slows down for a few minutes and you have time to reflect on the beauty that humans can create.  Make it a goal to discover a new piece, composer, band, or artist every day.  You will not be disappointed!

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