How to Live Without Using Credit Cards

UnknownI had a guest post published today that I think you will find interesting:

On Plunged in Debt: I wrote a post for Catherine called the How to Live Without Using Credit Cards.  Please feel free to comment on it, or if you like it please share on your favorite social media site!  Catherine is on a mission to pay off some serious debt, so she has some great stories and advice to share. Put it on your list of personal finance blogs to read daily!

After a month-long contest on One Smart Dollar, I came in Third Place in the running for  “Top Personal Finance Blog of 2012″.  I appreciate everyone who voted, and I appreciate all you readers even more.  The coolest part is being mentioned even in the same sentence as Mr. Money Mustache.  I have read his blog for some time now, and it has changed my life.  Everyone needs to read his stuff!

Christopher at This That and the MBA won it.  Congrats, Chris!  His site has a plethora of incredible info, so go visit often!

Finally, check out the following Carnivals.  I was mentioned in them, and there are some great weekend reads in there as well:

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