Guest Post: Budgeting And Debt: Why the Two Go Hand in Hand (Plus Carnivals and Great Blogs!)

budgets-are-roadmaps-300x225I had a guest post published yesterday, and although I am a bit late in letting you know about it, I think you will find it interesting:

On The Debt Movement: I wrote a post called Budgeting And Debt: Why the Two Go Hand in Hand.  If you like it please share on your favorite social media site!

Jeff Rose, ReadyForZero, hundreds of financial bloggers, and thousands of real people are attempting to pay down $10 million of debt in 90 days, starting on February 1st.

Through scholarships, education, community, and hard work, they are putting a huge dent in the pile of consumer debt in America. I joined them — you should too!

I am thankful to have been included in the following Blog Carnivals:

Carnival of Creativity, hosted by The Writing Reader

Lifestyle Carnival, hosted by Thirty Six Months

Yakezie Carnival, hosted by One Cent at a Time

I have been getting to know many fellow bloggers who share my passion for financial peace, simplicity, uncluttering, fitness, and loving work.  Here are some great posts from them:

Jennifer Lynn@Broke Ass Mommy: Techniques I use to Curb that Pesky Consumerism Itch

Fearless Men: Weekly Round Up

Pauline@Reach Financial Independence: 13 Money Goals for 2013

John S@Frugal Rules: Frugal Friday: Posts that Rule!

DC@Young Adult Money: Why Health Insurance Premiums will Increase

Grayson@Debt Roundup: Overspending in America: The Sad Truth

KrantCents:  I Will Never Retire

Jason@WorkSaveLive:  5 More Ways Everybody Can Save Money

Leo@ZenHabits:  Discomfort Zone; How to Master the Universe

Mr. CBB@Canadian Budget Binder: How I Turned My Passion and Skills into Making Extra Money

Kim@EyesOnTheDollar: Benefits of a Crappy Job

Glen@Monster Piggy Bank: Pool Room Posts

Crystal@Budgeting in the Fun Stuff: We All Want Readers

I know I missed a few here.  There is so much incredible stuff to read online, and I will update this list frequently.  Happy Reading!


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