Do You Have Grit?

Grit2-300x168Real peace and contentment in our lives comes from realizing that life is a process; it’s a journey that we must engage in.

Life, then, is simply one long practice session, isn’t it?

How many times have you felt stressed about reaching a goal?  We say to ourselves,

“I can’t feel happy until I reach this goal!”

…but it doesn’t need to be that way.

While paying off mounds of debt I have learned to be happy with the process, since I know that I am headed in the right direction.

If I put my instrument away at night after practicing and I am a little better than I was the day before, I can live with that.

When we shift our focus to enjoying the process of achieving goals, we will be happier for it.

You have seen a ton of references to music in my blog, obviously because I am a musician.  It’s not necessary for you to be a musician to relate to the concept of practice, though.  The concept of practice, and the mindset that accompanies great practice, carries over into every aspect of life.

People usually use words like determination, passion,  and self-discipline to describe what “enjoying the process” really is.

I like the word grit, myself.

Grit is what keeps us moving forward in spite of obstacles.  People with grit normally love the process of working toward goals.

Don’t be mistaken:  Grit is not inherent…it’s learned.  It is developed, like a muscle.   And like most skills, we must be aware of our mindset before we go about changing it.

Do you want to know if you have grit?  Take this quick test and use your score as a good starting point.  The Grit Survey, as it’s called, is used at West Point to determine how cadets will persevere through a brutal summer course before they begin training.  Apparently the test is incredibly accurate in determining who will succeed in the course.

Start to be mindful of places in your life where you have grit and recognize grit in others, and celebrate!


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