Attitude is Everything

I want to tell you a story about a girl I know, who for arguments sake we will call Anna.

Anna is a pretty girl, she is well put together, and has a good education. She rarely calls off work, is very punctual, and works harder than most of her coworkers. She is very smart and that is apparent to most everyone.

Despite these seemingly great qualities Anna works a dead end job with pay slightly above minimum wage. She applies for other jobs often, but can never make it past the first interview.

Anna has one flaw that supersedes all of the good qualities she possesses: a bad attitude.

She does not talk to people, she talks down to people, believing her way of doing things is always the right way. She has a built in eye roll that you can’t help to notice  every time you have a conversation with her. And you cannot tell her a single word that you don’t want the rest of the world to know.

And yet I pity her. I see her potential and recognize and respect her intelligence. I know that she is capable of great things. If I could shake the bad attitude out her, I would.

The worst part of all, she is oblivious. She wonders why she can’t get a better job or even a raise at her current job. You cannot help someone who isn’t willing to acknowledge their problem.

No employer wants to hire an employee who will talk down to clients and act superior to other coworkers. No employer wants to hire an employee who can’t keep confidential matters confidential.

I hope that one day Anna can reevaluate her attitude and make the changes necessary to unleash her true potential.

Moral of the Story: Your attitude outweighs all other factors in life. No matter what the situation good looks, education, and money will only take you so far. Your attitude will determine your success.

If you want to be respected then respects others. If you want to be appreciated appreciate others. If you want to be loved then love others.

You reap what you sow.

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