A New Blog and a Grammy?

grammy award statuetteIt’s been a busy month for me, so I am sorry I haven’t posted regularly.  I have been involved in some projects that you may be interested in, though, and  I hope you will spread the word about them.


A few months ago, my goal was to write a book in one month.  I got pretty close…so close, in fact, that I looked around for a publisher.  After quite a bit of due diligence on my part, I decided to wait for a bit and revise my content for a while.


Meanwhile, I am almost one year into We Only Do This Once.  It’s been a blast!  Blogging was a total accident; a year ago I had no idea how to begin or maintain one.  I wasn’t much of a writer, but I was driven to do it.  I was passionate about simplifying and getting out of debt, and I wanted to share my journey with an audience.  Although I could continue regularly with WODTO (I still will here and there), I am excited to take all I have learned about blogging and throw it into a new project.

SO…I am proud to announce the release of my new blog (soon to be book):

THE MUSIC PARENT’S GUIDE : Helping Parents Help Their Young Musicians

I’m a musician and an educator.  I loved writing about my journey getting out of debt, but I am passionate about helping young people and their parents negotiate the world of learning how to play an instrument.  I have dedicated a ton of my life energy to teaching music, and I’m pretty sure I have something to share.  I hope this blog will be helpful, and I ask that you please subscribe to it and spread the word!

In related news, I was recently nominated for a  GRAMMY® award for music educator of the year(!!).  A total shocker, yet another reason to start the new blog.  I fell into music education by accident, but years later it is an enormous part of my life.  I will share what knowledge I have as long as people keep reading.  Hopefully, the blog will help parents and students live a life immersed in the arts.

Thank you all for reading WODTO.  It has meant a lot to me.

GRAMMY® award for music educator of the year

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