7 Inspiring Resources on Decluttering (and an article I was featured in)

c2ec5fe98c64e866129e1961c892a126I have spent a ton of time reading about decluttering.  The more I read about any subject, the more inspired I become.  Acquiring more information helps me conquer any task, and getting inspiration from experts and regular people who’ve accomplished the task always helps motivate me.

Here are some of my favorite books and website to inspire myself to declutter:

1. Simplify Your Life. Elaine St. James has written one of the best books ever on simplicity. Her other books on simplifying are good, as well.  Also check out Living the Simple Life.

2. Unclutterer.com. A great blog. Check out their archives or subscribe!

3. Flylady.net. One of the best sites on the Internet for those who want to take control of their clutter,  A couple of my favorites: How to Declutter and Declutter 15 Minutes a Day. There’s great stuff here for anyone looking to declutter or create routines.

4. 30 Days to a Simpler Life. A book by Connie Cox and Cris Evatt, it takes various ways to simplify your life, including decluttering, and puts them into a 30-day program.

5. Your Life. Organized. An excellent blog by Monica Ricci, who is a professional organizer. You can’t get better than this professional. You might also be interested in her book, Organize Your Office In No Time.

6. Real Simple: The Organized Home. It’s a magazine and a website,RealSimple.com. This book (“The Organized Home“) takes a lot of their best advice on home organizing, including decluttering, and puts it into one volume.

7. My articles. If you have not read about my journey toward simplicity, feel free to read these: Reclaim Your Life from Clutter, Detach from Your Stuff, The Best Decluttering Exercise, Declutter Your Closet.

I was featured in a article on Credit Card Guide called Experts Share Credit Newbie Lessons.  Some fellow bloggers and I were interviewed about our past (bad) experiences with credit cards.  Enjoy!

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