Minimize Your Fear of Failure to Reach Your Full Potential

Fear of failure can be the biggest road block to financial success. Fear or failure is common, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t. However until you minimize your fears you will never be able to reach your full potential.


Follow Your Instincts – Not Someone Else’s

There are a lot of naysayers in this world. People who are telling you that something that they have never even attempted cannot be done. In these circumstances you need to follow you instincts instead of theirs. After all, opportunity is knocking at you door, not their’s.

There is validity in taking advice from people who are close to you and care about your best interests. They might be trying to do you a favor, but remember they are just giving you advice, you still have to make the decision about what’s right for you.


Weigh Pro’s and Con’s

There are ups and downs to every situation. You just need to be clear that risks you are planning to take have at least the same amount of pros as cons. Preferably more pros than cons.

In dealing with the fear of failure you need to think into the future. If things went wrong where would you be? If things went great what would that do for you?

Depending on what situation you are in (a new job, your own business,a new investment) get yourself prepared for the worst possible situation. For instance if you want to start your own business have enough of a cash buffer to get you through the first few months, which are sure to be your roughest.


Find Support

Once you have made the huge decision to face you fears lean on your family and friends for love and support. There are sure to be tough days and support will help you to keep pushing on.


Final Thoughts

If you never face your fear of failure and take that leap to do what you’ve secretly been yearning to do, then you will always wonder what if….

Don’t spend your whole life wondering what if. It’s better to take a risk every once in awhile rather than always playing it safe and never reaching for your dreams.

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