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Hello, and welcome to We Only Do This Once!  If you are on a journey to get out of debt, simplify, unclutter your life and find your passion, I hope my story will be helpful to you.

In 2011 I found myself making a ton of money, but still broke.  I was in major debt, so I embarked on a journey to viciously pay it off and downsize my life.  Along the way, I found that becoming fiscally “fit”  made space in my life for realizing larger goals.  All of the other changes I have made in my life have flowed from freedom of debt.  I write about those changes and experiences here.

If you want help getting started on a path toward debt freedom, start with these posts:

  1. Sell Your Stuff
  2. Get Your Finances In Order
  3. Get Ready to Change
  4. Find Time for Yourself
  5. Organize Your Life

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