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Create a Budget to Change Your Life!

I have been in charge of budgets for the many jobs I have held over the years; budgets for individual schools, budgets for entire school systems, and an operating budget of $1,000,000 for the non-profit I run. I have penny pinched for these …

Want To Clear Your Head? Sell Your Stuff!

“Men are not great or small because of their material possessions. They are great or small because of what they are.”
~James Cash Penney

A little over a year ago I found myself yearning for a change.  I made good money but was deep in debt, and …

Here we go!

Hi Everyone!

I have thought about blogging for years, but really never truly committed myself to creating one.  I absolutely love reading good blogs, though.

This past year (and life, in general) has been incredibly interesting, and it has …