How Much is Really Necessary?

I have arrived in Vermont for a 7 week stint at the summer camp I run with my wife.  This is always an extremely exciting time for me for a lot of reasons; many of which I will write about over the next couple of months.

The crux of the matter is …

Are Rich People Are Smarter than Poor People?

Are people who are rich smarter than poor people?

I grew up thinking that rich people were smarter than poor people.  It’s hard to remember why I thought this way.  After all, my parents sure didn’t drill the thought into me, but school and …

The Road to Misery is Paved With Good Intentions

Image Credit: Bill Rice
This is a guest post from Ree at Escaping Dodge.  Ree believes (as I do) that prosperity happens when you change your relationship with money.  I enjoyed her message the moment I discovered her site, so check it out!
It’s …

The Path to Fewer (and Better) Toys

This is a guest post from Joy at Joyfully Green.  Joy blogs about ways for people to make meaningful differences and eco-conscious decisions in their daily lives.  Her blog is extremely educational, so check it out!

 Before I sound like Mrs. …

Are You Addicted to Your Phone?

My family and I went to a neighbor’s house the other night for dinner, and I did the strangest thing:

I left my cellphone at home.  On purpose.

And, as much as I am ashamed to admit it, I went through a bit of withdrawal.

Over the course of …