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How to Build the Muscle of Change

If you are anything like me, you have resolved to change something in your life and then failed after 2-3 weeks.

Although it has taken me some time to change my habits, I am not afraid of change, simply because I have developed what some call the …

How to Reduce Financial Stress

My finances are one of the things in my life that has the potential to stress me out the most. In my quest for a stress-free life (HA!)— enhancing my productivity, furthering my career, creating routines, etc. — I have found that addressing my …

The Road to Misery is Paved With Good Intentions

Image Credit: Bill Rice
This is a guest post from Ree at Escaping Dodge.  Ree believes (as I do) that prosperity happens when you change your relationship with money.  I enjoyed her message the moment I discovered her site, so check it out!
It’s …