What would a vote to remain in the EU do for UK house prices?

Most speculation on the outcomes of June’s referendum for the property market focus on what might happen to house prices if the UK votes to leave the EU. This result seems, and reasonably so, like the greater unknown. But what happens if the UK votes to stay? Well, it’s difficult to say. What we can […]

Ten Ways to Secure Success on the Currency Markets

The world of the foreign exchange is exquisitely intricate. For every market movement, there are a thousand different market drivers that may have played a part, and in order to learn how to read and pre-empt these, you’ll need an awful lot of skill, time, and effort to invest. Although this may sound disheartening, it […]

Why Investing in Real Estate is a Good Option

With the economy being rather unstable of late, many are now thinking about investing early to safeguard financial stability in the future. Among the investment opportunities available, real estate has garnered the most positive coverage. A survey released in July 2015 revealed that 27% of Americans or more than 1 in 4 respondents said that […]

Forex 101: How to Stay on Top of Your Trades

There are many character traits that contribute towards successful forex trading, from intelligence to grit to self-control. One of the most important is your organisational ability, and keeping everything in order will go a long way towards helping you to turn a profit. For those who are not blessed with natural organisational abilities, there are […]

Saving Money On The Hottest High-Tech Devices

It seems that our collective appetite for high-tech devices grows more ravenous every year. Whether one is a first-adopter who is willing to stand in line or even camp out in front of a store the night before the release of the latest and greatest, or the bargain hunter who hopes to get a great […]