How to Hit the Reset Button on Your Life

reset-buttonI know I’m probably not the only one who has wished that I could find a reset button for life.

When times get tough and we feel overwhelmed, there are certain ways we can hit reset.

It doesn’t need to be January 1st for you to create a fresh start on an area of your life you’ve been meaning to overhaul.

We must first make sure that we are setting the right type of goals. If we’re just setting goals to “keep up with the Jones’ (like making more money or upgrading the things we own), we’ll likely lose interest, because our heart is not in it.  These goals are not deep enough.

So there first step is to set goals that come from your heart and what you value most. Then just take it one day at a time.

Here are some suggestions for ways you can hit the reset button on different areas of your life:


  • 30 Days to Health. Use the month of January to start new eating habits. Maybe you want to become vegetarian, vegan or completely raw. Or maybe you just want to eliminate processed foods like; frozen food, chips, soft drinks, candy and essential junk foods.
  • Add one healthy food to your diet: Try drinking a lot of water each day on top of whatever you already eat.  Or you can add one apple, or a green.  A small step usually leads to other steps.


  • Declutter. Go through out all your junk and make 3 piles: toss/recycle, donate, and keep. Throw out or donate or sell anything you haven’t used in over a year. The same rule applies with your closet, garage and wardrobe.


  • Reconnect. Commit to spending more time with your partner or your kids. Maybe you want to create a better relationship with your parents. Find time for your friends.  Make up with someone you have been angry with.



  • Don’t break the chain. Create a day to day calendar of your physical activity.  There are no rules, except you must do something every day. Each day you exercise, you put an X through that day on calendar. Your job is to not break the chain. You can see all the progress you’ve made and it would hurt too much to break the chain.
  • Find a partner.  Going at the fitness habit always helps with an accountability partner.  Find someone to help you stick with it!

It’s never to late to hit the reset button on your life.  Choose one little thing to change each month, and in a year you will have seen and experienced incredible results.

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