The Problem with Desire

It took me several years to begin coming to my senses about how I was spending my life energy.

For years, I have worked myself to a pulp with the goal of “having it all” and retiring young.  But devoting my time and energy to satisfy myself with …

A Beginner’s Guide to Menu Planning

After two years of our journey to get out of debt and pare down my expenses, my wife and I have found that we have mastered our budget.


We have cut our grocery bill down significantly over the past year for our family of four, …

Lessons Learned in Automobile “Ownership”

No one was a bigger idiot when it came to car ownership than I was a few years ago.

Until I was 35 years old, I never had a car payment.  Pretty cool, right?  But I bought my first car 5 years ago and things went south really fast.

Here are the …

How to Deal With Your Finances

I haven’t written about finances in awhile, because these days I barely think about them.

That’s not to say that I don’t have payments and bills and unexpected expenses.  It’s because I have focused hard on getting out of debt for the last 2 years …

How Much is Really Necessary?

I have arrived in Vermont for a 7 week stint at the summer camp I run with my wife.  This is always an extremely exciting time for me for a lot of reasons; many of which I will write about over the next couple of months.

The crux of the matter is …