5 White Lies We Tell Ourselves that Hinder Success


Self control is a difficult thing to cultivate

Because our needs and our desires rarely see eye-to-eye, we all tell little white lies to ourselves that hinder success.  It happens almost every day, and it is the reason why self-control is such a difficult thing to cultivate.  Whether it means hitting the snooze button until we are late for work or breaking our New Year’s resolutions on January 3rd. These innocent excuses we make for ourselves all-too-often wind up leaving us with feelings of guilt and disappointment.  But the first step toward living a more honest and self-disciplined life is recognizing these white lies we tell.  So to help you come to terms with this indulgence problem we all sometimes share in, have a look at these five incredibly common white lies.  Do any sound familiar?

 White Lie #1 that Hinder Success : I’m Too Busy


We convince ourselves that we are too busy to do the things we know we should

I’m too busy to exercise.  I’m too busy to read that book I’ve been meaning to read.  I’m too busy to spend time with my friends.  The excuses go on and on, but they are all the same.  We convince ourselves that we are too busy to do the things we know we should, and yet we spend so many hours a week doing almost nothing.  The fact is that we can always make time for the things that are most important, but we often don’t simply because they are inconvenient.  It is easier to watch TV or sleep 10 hours or procrastinate with pointless tasks when we should be working.  But you aren’t too busy!  So stop making excuses and start living the life you want to.

 White Lie #2 that Hinder Success :I Deserve This

This is the inevitable lie we tell ourselves whenever desire wins out over rationality.  I deserve this, we say.  I earned this.  I’ve been working too hard, and now I need this extra cupcake or overpriced knickknack or gadget that I will never use.  But rewarding ourselves with things that hurt us is a terrible idea.  Think about it: why do you deserve to reward yourself by breaking your resolutions for self-improvement?

 White Lie #3 that Hinder Success :I Deserve This It’s Too Soon to Worry about  Saving for Retirement


Saving for retirement becomes more difficult the longer you wait to start

Saving for retirement becomes more difficult the longer you wait to start, this white lie gets darker and darker each year.  We all know that it is never too soon to start planning for retirement.  Consider using SIPPs or opening a retirement account through your employer, you can rescue yourself from the huge burden of money and stress that only gets bigger every time you tell yourself this little white lie.

White Lie #4 that Hinder Success : I Can Afford This

This little lie is one that credit card companies love.  But your bank account hates it!  If you have to convince yourself that you can afford something, you probably can’t.  So give yourself a budget, and stick to it.  You’ll be glad you did.

White Lie #5  that Hinder Success : This Will Make Me Feel Better

Like most of the lies on this list, the result of using it is directly contrary to the false justification it represents.  When it inspires us to break a resolution or engage in a guilty indulgence, it inevitably makes us feel worse.  So understand that the temporary satisfaction won’t last nearly as long as the regret, and eliminate this excuse from your life!

Self-awareness is the key to self-improvement.  So by making a contentious effort to catch yourself in these innocent dissipations, you can make major positive changes in your life.  Ditch the white lies and take accountability for your needs and desires.  Even if it means passing up on some of life’s sweet indulgences, you will be surprised to find that the long-term personal gains are even sweeter and never hinder success.

Guest Author:

Daniel Kendal

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